Episode 6: If Wario Is There, He Is Going To Fart (feat. Drakkel)

Bitey smbz

(Sorry about the low audio quality for this episode folks, we had some technical issues. This is still a really good one though!!)

Artist and friend of the show Drakkel joins us to explore two of his favourite series in this BUMPER-SIZED SIXTH EPISODE! Enjoy scintillating and stylish animation with Bitey, and then get ready for thrills and spills in SMBZ! It’s a no-holds-barred slobberknocker!

Today’s videos:


Bitey of Brackenwood – [LINK]   [YouTube]

Prowlies at the River – [LINK]   [YouTube]

littleFoot – [LINK]   [YouTube]

the YuYu – [LINK]   [YouTube]

Waterlollies – [LINK]   [YouTube]


Super Mario Bros Z ep 1 – [LINK]   [YouTube]

Super Mario Bros Z ep 2 – [LINK]   [YouTube]

Super Mario Bros. Z REMAKE Episode 1 – [LINK]   [YouTube]

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