Episode 39: Breaking Benjamin Homestuck Typing Quirk (feat. Micolithe)


Blue gamer dog and friend of the show Micolithe joins the podcast for this XXL quartet of furries, violence and videogame memes. We’ve got ROSES ARE RED, GENDER-NEUTRAL, THE PEOPLE’S MARIO and the much-requested CRAB BATTLE! Also, Alex and Tom earn 31 internets.

LISTENER PROMPT: Email in and tell us your favourite old forum/fan community stories!

ROSES ARE RED – [LINK][YouTube] (cw: graphic cartoon violence)

GENDER-NEUTRAL – [LINK] – [YouTube](cw: gore, gross imagery)

THE PEOPLE’S MARIO – [LINK][YouTube] (cw: graphic cartoon violence)

MGS 3: CRAB BATTLE – [LINK][YouTube]  (cw: graphic cartoon violence)


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