Episode 45: Priceless Like A PS3


Alex and Tom charge their ki blasts for a double dose of anime goodness this episode, as BRUTALITY throws some punches and LEETSTREET BOYS – YURI THE ONLY ONE gets shoved into a locker. Also, some downright therapeutic emails from listeners like you!

LISTENER PROMPT: In the spirit of the LeetStreet Boys, email us some beautiful lines of nerdcore romance! We want an inbox full of geeky love letters!


LEETSTREET BOYS – YURI THE ONLY ONE – [YouTube][Newgrounds rhythm game]
Matthew Myers interview – [LINK]


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1 thought on “Episode 45: Priceless Like A PS3”

  1. I vividly remember the line being “trying so hard to make you squee” not “make you see”. Is that the one line they changed for being too cringe or am I mixing it up with another song of theirs? I’m not listening to another to find out.


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