Episode 51: Soy Sauce Fish Blimp

In this XXL episode, Alex and Tom travel to Moscow for SUPER MARIO & THREE RUSSIAN BOGATURS, Osaka for FIGHT! KIKKOMAN, and the 2004 music scene for PUNK-O-MATIC. Also featuring Nickelodeon, alien remixes, crab trauma and your emails!

Listener Prompt: Make up a FOOD-THEMED SUPERHERO/VILLAIN to match wits with Kikkoman! Email in and flex those creative muscles!

SUPER MARIO & THREE RUSSIAN BOGATURS (Три Богатыря и Супер Марио) – [YouTube]

FIGHT! KIKKOMAN (Rock cover) – [YouTube]
Wiki page featuring original ASCII art – [LINK]

*Volume Warning* PUNK-O-MATIC – [LINK]

Natalie Lawhead, ‘A short history of Flash & the forgotten Flash Website movement (when websites were “the new emerging artform”‘ – [LINK]

Jason Scott, ‘Flash Animations Live Forever At The Internet Archive’ – [LINK]

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