Episode 77: I Am A Cool And Edgy Teenager With Lots Of Friends (feat. Terence Wiggins)

Games writer, podcaster and cookie expert Terence Wiggins joins us for the highs of TEEN GIRL SQUAD, the lows of MCCAIN’S SEXY OUTRAGE, and the philosophy of KARMA GHOST. Shock images, possums, and your fanfics!

LISTENER PROMPT: Email in and tell us more about YOUR TEENAGE FANFICTION!


TEEN GIRL SQUAD episode 1 – [LINK][YouTube]
TEEN GIRL SQUAD episode 2 – [LINK][YouTube]
TEEN GIRL SQUAD episode 3 – [LINK][YouTube]
TEEN GIRL SQUAD episode 4 – [LINK][YouTube]
TEEN GIRL SQUAD episode 5 – [LINK][YouTube]

*cw: NSFW shock imagery, flashing lights, f-slur* MCCAIN’S SEXY OUTRAGE – [LINK] – [Yeah, no way this would fly on YouTube]

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