Episode 87: “My First Flash” 3 : A Day Daddy Will Not Forget

We asked and you delivered another esoteric collection of the first online cartoons our Flashketeers encountered! We learn about stinky banjos in WAR, puzzle at AMBURGERS AND WOOTBEER, and then delight and horror at the spectacle of TELEBUBBY FUN LAND.

Listener Prompt: Email in and tell us about CARTOONS THAT SCARED YOU when you were small!

*cw: r-slur* AMBURGERS AND WOOTBEER – [LINK][YouTube]

*cw: cartoon violence* WAR. – [LINK][YouTube][YouTube HD]

*cw: cartoon violence/gore, NSFW imagery, racist caricature, drugs* TELEBUBBY FUN LAND – [Site Link][Partial playthrough on YouTube]

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