Episode 65: Non-Euclidean Joel and the Timecube Hullabaloo (feat. VileMoon)

Let’s Play superstar and longtime collaborator VileMoon joins Alex and Tom for a bumper-length BONUS STAGE special! Featuring wacky shenanigans, Detective Conan pastiche, and the nastier side of fandom. Plus, your emails, including a blistering-hot Aliens take!

LISTENER PROMPT: Email in and tell us about YOUR FAVOURITE INDIE COMICS! Rep your favourite webcomics and small press!

EPISODE 1: “CAR” – [LINK][YouTube]

EPISODE 7: “CUBE” – [LINK][YouTube]
EPISODE 66: “WHO SHOT MR. MALICE” – [YouTube] (cw: r-slur)

EPISODE 87: “BONUS STAGES” – [YouTube] (cw: r-slur)
(cw: suicide) EPISODE 88: “FISSION MAILED” – [YouTube]
(cw: suicide) (Episode 88 original cut – [YouTube])

Homestar Runner: How To Master A Dying Art Form – [YouTube]

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