Episode 66: Disappointed By The Lack Of Tigers (feat. Hamish Steele)

Alex and Tom are joined by cartooning maestro Hamish Steele for this mega-episode! KENYA and PATRICK MOORE delight with song, AN UNEXPECTED DISH sends up Gordon Ramsay, and Hamish’s early efforts DOCTOR WHO TRAILER and (HUG) go under the microscope. Plus, your emails, and the inevitable Mario casting chatter…

LISTENER PROMPT: Email in and tell us about FAN PROJECTS you’ve been involved with! Did they flourish or burn out brightly? Tell us the sordid tales!

KENYA – [LINK][YouTube]
Patrick Moore actually playing the xylophone – [LINK]


DOCTOR WHO TRAILER – [LINK] (no YouTube mirror)
(HUG) – [LINK] (no YouTube mirror)

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1 thought on “Episode 66: Disappointed By The Lack Of Tigers (feat. Hamish Steele)”

  1. Hey friends! Long time no talk but heyyy I actually have something for this prompt. I’m still well behind on the show but so this will be a fun listener surprise for me in like, a year.

    I was a childhood mainstay of the Pokemon Fangame community, not in that I actually did anything useful but I was a frequent hanger-on to many projects, some of which actually came out, most of which failed spectacularly. The main one I was a part of is Pokemon Treasures, which was a perplexingly popular one for the time, relatively speaking. Had three new types, Wind, Light and Crystal, had a whole slew of new mons, most of which weren’t very good, never got a demo out since it predated all the useful tools, but a few of its creators work on other projects. I also CURRENTLY contribute to a few, Pokemon fangames are a lot more.. buildable now so the scene is thriving 😀

    Here’s a link to one of the very old dex sheets, circa maybe 2003/2004 https://fakemon.tumblr.com/post/648417645986807808/fakemon-set-from-pokemon-treasures-circa-2003


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